Celery Reset Challenge Program

Join the 15 DAY Celery Challenge and get 2 FREE 500ml Glow Smoothies!

We use state of the art juicers to cold press only the stems, not the leaves, to get all the super nutrients in Celery with the least bitterness. Reduce your inflammation, reduce sugar cravings, nourish your cells, improve your digestion, and witness your skin GLOW!

NOTE: When you check out from your shopping cart, please specify the delivery date for the first day of delivery. Then one of our team members will contact you to confirm the rest of the deliveries and to choose your 2 FREE smoothies. To guarantee freshness, 2 500ml bottles will be delivered every other day from your start date over 8 trips.

Offer is valid on the 500ml Celery Juice only.

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