Non-Vegan Weight Loss Program 1000-1300 Calories

  • LE 3,017.50


At Glow, we believe that the source of your calories makes all the difference in the world. All our smoothies and juices ingredients are natural, detoxifying and unprocessed, providing you with nutrients, energy and antioxidants needed for your active day.

How will this Clean Eating Program help you get back or stay on track and achieve your weight goal?

All meals are cooked with olive oil and sea salt
Comes with sides of brown rice, fereek, quinoa, grilled veggies or roasted potatoes with rosemary, together with grilled veggies.
All sauces that come with the meals are homemade, dairy-free and preservative-free.

This CLEAN EATING weight loss program is made up of juices, smoothies, soups and grilled meals that are based on the clean eating concept, like: Grilled Shrimp, Fish Fillet, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Shish Tawook, Asian Chicken, Mexican Chicken, Chicken BBQ, Grilled Veal, Green Pineapple Salad.

Note: If you are on a Pescatarian diet, please leave us a comment on your order and we can replace all chicken/meat meals to seafood meals.

Delivery: Meals will be delivered over several trips to guarantee freshness. 

1000 to 1300 Calories Per Day
Meal Breakfast Snack
Lunch Dinner
Size 400ml 300ml Regular 500ml
Day 1 Falafel Wrap Strawberry Chiller Grilled Shish Tawook Butternut Squash Soup
Day 2 Berrified Smoothie  Celery & Co Grilled Salmon
Broccoli Soup
Day 3 Tuna Wrap Acai Blueberry Burst Chicken BBQ
Cauliflower Soup
Day 4 Chia pudding
+ Fruit cup 
Red Bell 
Pepper Power
Asian Chicken Moroccan Harira Soup
Day 5 Tropical Green 
Orange Green Swirl Grilled Veal
Cauliflower Soup
Day 6 Roast Beef Wrap  Green 
Fish Fillet
Beetroot Soup
Day 7 Spicy Mango Tango 
Zap Me Green Grilled Shrimp
Broccoli Soup
Day 8 Cauliflower Wrap
(gluten free)

Green Dream Mexican Chicken 
Broccoli Soup
Day 9 Confused Strawberry 
Just Beet It Grilled Veal
Moroccan Harira Soup
Day 10 Smoked Salmon Wrap
Pinacolada  Grilled Shish Tawook
Cauliflower Soup
Day 11 Chia Pudding
+ Fruit Cup
Guava Madness Fish Fillet  Butternut Squash Soup
Day 12 Pineapple Mango 

Apple Ginger 
Chicken BBQ
Beetroot Soup
Day 13 Sheesh Tawook Wrap Green Kick Asian Chicken
Broccoli Soup
Day 14 Choco Loco Orange Green Swirl Grilled Salmon Moroccan Harira Soup

NOTE: Some juices may be replaced according to their availability during their season. (Example: Pomegranate Bliss)

For special requests such as removing any ingredients or noting any allergies, make sure to leave a comment on the checkout page.